Blessing for the ride

Blessing for the ride (c) Gail Doktor 2018

This blessing goes with the ones who mount the saddle
Who stretch your legs and lean into the wind
Who pump your fist and grin fiercely
Bending over the bars and kicking off
Pedaling in countless rotations
Wheels flying turning moving
Hearts pumping
Lungs swallowing
Muscles warming

This blessing listens for the deep stillness
Beneath the cellular burn
And the emotional leaps
For the cause that moves the riders
The love that sets them on this path
The hope that lays down a route out and back again
The determination that boosts their return
The sigh that escapes

When some faces
Aren’t present to greet you
Not at this finish line anyway

This blessing shudders through
Weary bodies
Restless spirits
Aching hearts
Exhausted minds
And cradles tendon muscle sinew bone flesh
In its gentle assurance that this ride matters
To the ones who go
And the ones you meet along the way
And the ones who welcome you home again