Blessing for Guts

Blessing for Guts — © August 2018

This blessing finds its way
through the flared nostril
and the parted lips
down the open throat
into the busy stomach and gastrointestinal system

This blessing makes its home
among the bacteria colonizing the gut
that extracts what it needs and
sends the rest back out again
through innards that twists and coil
from bellies to bowels,
that place where grit is supposed to live.

This blessing lives deep inside
where the digestive tract
operates every day as best it can
feeding and nourishing you,
marveling at the soft mucosal barriers
between what passes through
and what endures always.

The blessing bows down
when you squat and relieve yourself,
calling you to a daily act of humility,
remembering you are a fleshy creature
fragile and powerful, tall and strong,
but also brought low at times,
in this mortal body.