Lent Word #20: See

  • Video: Identity (award-winning student short film)
  • Poem: I Don’t See By Ed Roberson
I expected something up out of the water
not the shadow in the wave that rose
to fill the wave then splash a breath
off the abutting air      then disappear.
I didn’t see any of this         only
the dark wave.         Even the size of a whale
I don’t see        what I look directly at.
I didn’t see the pronghorn antelope,
speed they pointed out equal our car’s,
but never having seen distance so large
I couldn’t pin in it      point to antler
and saw in parallax instead       the world
entire a still brown arc of leap      so like
a first look at the milky way       each stone
a star I saw but could not see.
I didn’t see
the Nazca earth drawings looking at a line
like a path      the vision on it   my not looking up.
& trying to see from on the ground looking
from a plane thousands of feet above
maybe I saw only what the unenlightened
marking out the lines could see from there
because I never saw the figures
until shown from books.
I’ve told folk half the truth      that I was there I was
but embarrassed      never told      I missed my chance
until I saw:       without embarrassment
this country miss its chance   looking at color
and not see what it looked directly at,
without embarrassment
act      and not see that done
on its own hands      not see its own bright blood.

Lenten Word #7: Return


  • Reflection in poetry on Lenten word:

Return by Gail Doktor 2/17
To come back
Suggests that I ever had the courage
To step away at all

Lenten Word #6: Offering


Offering © Gail Doktor 2/17
If I hold out my hands
Or stick out my tongue
Or bare my most intimate parts
I only offer the skin of myself

It is what I cannot reveal
To your wide eyes
The self that might rest within my skull and chest
That I want to put in your keeping

If you will hold
These parts of me
With open palms
And tenderness