Blessing for Pause Before the Storm

Blessing for Pause Before the Storm © Gail Doktor July 2018

Blessing for the heat
In the moment before everything breaks open
For the spiked humidity running as sweat down your back
For the breath inheld while you count higher and higher
As the pressure mounts, as the dissonance of charged particles
Positive and negative builds up
In beating temple and swollen chest,
In clenched jaw and fisted hands
Until you cannot wait

This blessing embraces all that follows:
Freedom flowing like wind over tongue
Rush of carbon dioxide expelled outward
Letting go of tension
Heavens torn apart and split wide
And everything imprisoned pours forth
Loud and pounding as drums in your ears
Percussive as thunder from the heavens
Vivid as strange strikes of lightning
And immediate as vision veiled by the torrent that falls

This blessing calls your focus
Here and now
On what you locked away
And what you liberated
As the pressure equalized
So you could breathe again